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Our Catering Magic – Where Every Occasion is Our Specialty

At ThirsTea, we specialize in catering to a wide range of events, ensuring that each occasion is infused with the goodness of our signature boba drinks. From romantic weddings, themed birthday parties, and high-profile company parties to casual family get-togethers, we will tailor our catering services to suit the unique requirements of your celebration. With a dedicated team backing us up, you can expect ThirsTea to make your event a memorable experience for you and your guests.

A Diverse Selection of Products, Ready to Order! 

At ThirsTea, you can pick from our diverse selection of delightful beverages, perfect for catering to all your event needs. Our extensive menu features six exceptional boba and bubble drinks – each crafted with a blend of traditional flavors and innovative twists to capture the hearts of your guests.

Classic Boba Delights 

Explore ThirsTea's global sensation: classic boba, Original Milk Tea, Jasmine Green.

Fruit Fusion

Savor nature's burst with health-conscious Fruit Tea: mango, passionfruit, pineapple bliss.

Customize Your Bubbles

Personalize pearls, bubbles, and jellies for a uniquely delightful drink experience.

Fruit-Infused Bubbles

Enjoy exclusive Fruit Bubble Drinks for a burst of delightful flavor.

Jelly Infusions

Discover bliss with unique Jelly Bubble Drinks, tantalizing taste buds. Unforgettable!

Bubble Explosion

Explore excitement with Bubble Explosion – perfect for adventurous souls seeking surprises.

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Office Function

Birthday Party

Game Day

Pool Party

Baby Shower


No, there is no such mandate imposed by us on our valued customers. They can order as per their specific
requirements. It facilitates our valued customers with the needed flexibility to place their favorite drinks.

We wish to address the needs of our valued customers. Our different customers have different needs when
it comes to having the beverages. Hence, we offer them beverages in two different volumes 16oz and
22oz. It allows them to have their favorite drink in the desired volume.

We offer drop-off facilities to our valued customers. However, we will only drop off all the drinks at the
address provided.

Our full service package encompasses 3 – 4 drinks options, 2 baristas, and equipment. When we receive
the order from our customers, we prepare the same and serve the drinks on-site at the earliest
convenience. It facilitates our valued customers with the best experience.

It includes the selection of drinks, cup size, and number of hours. It is one of the preferred service
packages for the quality and flexibility it offers to our valued customers. Having this package delivers the
absolute value for the service bought from our end.

We understand the value of the packaging and wish to provide our valued customers with their favorite
drink at their preferred location without any damage or ingress. Hence, we offer our valued customers
custom packaging when required or demanded.

We wish to facilitate the level of service aspired by our valued customers. Hence, offer a free delivery of
up to 5 miles. Apart from that we charge depending on the location and distance from the esteemed
service location.

We prepare our drinks using the standard procedure. Hence, they can last hours after their preparation.
Our drinks can be refrigerated for up to 6 hours.

We offer our valued customers a multitude of options when it comes to using the payment method for
purchasing our drinks. They can use credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Cash to pay for our services. With the
same, we offer our valued customers the needed leniency that enables them to have a stress-free
experience by choosing our services.

We offer flexibility like no other when it comes to choosing a type of beverage. Our valued customers can
choose to have up to 4 drinks for full service and up to 6 drinks for the pick-up/drop-off option. With the
same, they provide their taste buds with the sensation that offers the best experience.

Seal the Deal with ThirsTea – Bulk Orders are Welcome! 

Are you ready to infuse a bit of oomph into your events? With our catering services, you can indulge your guests in the colorful flavors of our delicious boba drinks.
Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our team is here to accommodate your needs. Place your bulk order today to make your occasion truly extraordinary!