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We Are Your Ultimate Fundraising Partner!

ThirsTea – Where Your Fundraising Meets Our Flavor

At ThirsTea, we go beyond being your go-to baba and bubble tea destination. As a proud member of the community, we are driven by a deep sense of care and commitment. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting the causes that matter to you, whether for your sports team, high school, or non-profit organization. The ThirsTea team will be more than thrilled to be a part of your fundraising journey.

How Does It

Partnering with ThirsTea for your fundraising campaign is as simple as sipping your favorite boba tea. All you have to do is fill out the form and share your fundraising goals and organization’s details. Our team will reach out to you soon to facilitate the seamless collaboration process to maximize your fundraising potential.


Non-profit fundraising is raising money to help and not to implement market maneuvers. We have a
strong sense of community belonging and make our contribution to high schools, sports teams, and non-
profit organizations.

Fundraising is something that should appeal to people making their invaluable contributions. We use our
networking to connect with people and make proposals that bring attention to their duties as members of
the community.

People interested in sports or ex-sportsmen are more likely to contribute to the sports team. Approaching
them and other valuable members of the community offers higher chances of success.

A company is accompanied by a group of individuals. You have to ask those individuals to make their
contribution as members of the common community. It insights them with their duties and responsibilities
for the community.

Raising money for the school needs to appeal to the respective aluminies and channel them at a human
level. It intrigues the sense of responsibility and makes them take the needed actions.

Yes, you may need to consult with regulatory bodies if you are going for a full-fledged fundraise to avoid
further complications.

To learn more / know about fundraising, fill up this form and we will get back to you soon.