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ThirsTea Miniature Concept

ThirsTea Miniature Concept

On the Go, In the Mall, or at Your Fingertips – Every Sip Tailored for You!

Food Truck

If you’re looking for a fun party on wheels, our ThirsTea Food Truck is exactly what you need. Get to experience the delicious scent of fresh boba or bubble tea blend in a cup from a nearby corner. Our Food Truck isn’t just a typical vehicle; it’s a mobile destination that delivers smiles to your neighborhood. Whether you like your classic boba teas or are craving something new, our folks will concoct the perfect adventure for you.

Mall Kiosk

Shopping at the mall can be tiring, and our ThirsTea Mall Kiosk offers the perfect opportunity to take a much-needed break. A sip of our delectable boba and bubble teas is all it takes for all the background noise to disappear. Treat yourself to a moment to unwind and relish the floodgate of flavors in your mouth. With a wide range of drinks to choose from, our kiosk is bound to be a silent retreat, making shopping even more fun & enjoyable.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

We make our boba and bubble teas as accessible as possible for you. It’s time to embrace the future at our ThirsTea Self-Ordering Kiosk, where technology satiates your taste buds. With a screen displaying all our bestselling delights, ordering your favorite cup of boba blend will never be a hassle anymore. Want to go classic or add a bit of fun to your drink? Customize your ThirsTea cup just as you like to make it uniquely yours.